Project Name: AgileIoT
Project Type:
Language (click on the field to show all options): EN
MVPs Name: Felice Pescatore (@felicepescatore), Alessandro Alpi (@suxstellino), Matteo Emili (@MattVSTS), Paolo Patierno (@ppatierno), Gian Maria Ricci (@alkampfer).Vincent Thavonekham (@vThavo)
Non MVPs Contributor: Igor Antonacci (@bitbreaker), Giuseppe Famiglietti (@giufamiglietti), Daniela Malvisi, Andrea Palumbo (@ndrea_palumbo)
Starting Date: 05/28/2015
Project Description:

This is an open methodology to create a link between Agile and the IoT World.

The AgileIoT’s phylosofy is the same as theRenaissance workshop one, the cell where everything needed was made to realize a new handiwork: starting from the design to the marketing, going through the learning and the production. Team’s members are pushed to behave like renaissance craftsmen, with ability they use various materials, techniques and tools to satisfy the handiwork’s customer.

AgileIoT brings the customer’s need to the center, harmonizing competencies, approaches and various technologies by defining a main-set of economically-sustainable tools to create an IoT solutions.

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